The Vision of the Mercy's Action Mission Organization. Inc. - M.A.M.I.

Our vision and mission is to promote and support the sanctity of life in a culture of death where life has no meaning. God is the One who gives life and He is the only one who has the right to take it.

The M.A.M.I. Organisation aims to establish, equip, train, encourage and financially support Women’s Counseling Centers in Romania.

Mercy’s Action Mission. Inc. – M.A.M.I.
is a non-profit organization with 501C-3 status, Tax ID # 43-1965314

M.A.M.I. Centers

We provide professional, free and confidential services through counseling centers called M.A.M.A. and Iochebed.

Lucia Petrila, the founder and president of the organisation M.A.M.I. who personally went through the devastating experience of abortion (click here for Lucia’s testimony), at the age of 44 she made herself available to God to help women injured after abortion.

 M.A.M.I. was established on February 23, 2002, as a non-governmental Christian organization, out of the desire to come to the aid of women and teenagers of any age, ethnicity, or religious belief in Romania, who suffer from abortion or rape, as well as those who they find themselves in the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy.

Did you know...?

  • The first law decree issued on December 26, 1989, immediately after the fall of the communist regime in Romania, was the legalization of abortion.
  • Abortion was legalized by people, but not by God!!!
  • Abortion is legal for any woman, regardless of age and reason, up to 14 weeks.
  • 75% of pregnancies are aborted, which makes Romania take the second place in the world in terms of abortion.
  • Between 1958 – 2018 over 22 million abortions were registered, the number probably doubles with the unregistered ones.
  • The abortions registered so far exceed the number of the current population.
  • A reason for concern for the government of Romania

Now you know!!!

Counseling Sessions
Born Babies
Saved Souls
School Campaigns
Material Help


All services are free and confidential

  • pregnancy test
  • pregnancy crisis counseling
  • prenatal – postnatal courses
  • post-abortion counseling for women
  • doppler, ultrasound
  • spiritual counseling
  • counseling after abuse
  • collaboration with specialist doctors
  • connection with foster homes, adoption agencies and social services
  • presentations in schools, high schools and universities
  • books, brochures and informative leaflets, helpful materials

Free consultation

Our consultations are free and confidential.

Call us on the phone number: 001 954 921 1043 or use the contact form to contact us with any question or need.

We will answer you and help you free of charge, confidentially and with lots of love.

Management Board

Lucia Petrila presedinte fondator

Lucia Petrila

Founder President

Johann Barbir Vice presedinte

Johann Barbir



Daniela Fagadar

Executive Director


Iuliana Moldovan

Economic Director


Elisabeta Nemes


Rebeka Olariu Petrila, advaizor

Rebeka Olariu Petrila


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We are at your disposal for any questions or clarifications. Contact us and we will help you with the greatest love.


1310 Johnson  Street
Hollywood,  Fl. 33019


Monday – Saturday:  10:00 – 18:00

Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00


001 954 921 1043